About the DePIN Wish List category

Here are the proposals of new DePIN projects to be added to PINGPONG’s mining pool.

Hey Fam👋

Let’s supercharge our mining yields and add stellar new DePIN projects to our pool!:moneybag:

As a community-driven project, we want your voice in shaping our mining landscape. It’s your place to propose and champion DePIN projects you believe in. Let’s enhance our collective mining success!

How to Propose

  1. In this Google Form, fill in the name, website, and X account of the DePIN project on your mind, and share why it deserves a spot in our mining lineup.
  2. Submit the form. We’ll review the project’s safety quick-smart and post it here within 48 hours.
  3. You can also discuss these DePIN projects in our Discord community.

What Makes an Ideal DePIN Project

  • Better Yields: For projects that are already listed, we hope they have a clear incentive mechanism. For early-stage projects, we hope they have a strong community consensus and have evident potential for token listings on major exchanges.
  • No Staking Required: You should be able to participate and earn rewards simply by running the software.
  • Secure Earnings Claim: You should be able to access earnings only with your private keys—separate from your device IDs.
  • Open-Source: Open-sourced projects foster trust and ease integration.

Let’s Heat Up the DePIN Projects!

  • Vote for Proposals: Vote for & reply to the posts of the projects you support. Every week, we’ll check the project with the most votes, and submit it to the dev team for integration. Let’s ignite our way to higher mining yields!:fire: